Project: Sustainability as the art ... of resilience

The project "Sustainability as the art ... of resilience" aims
to the exchange of good practices, in adult education,
based on the belief that resilience, like art, permeates
and shapes our cultures and constitutes a responsive
and generative field that enlivens individuals,
communities, institutions, and societies. If it is an
evidence that resilient human ecosystems adapt rapidly
and creatively to constantly changing
conditions.....learn more
Project: "Enabling the 2030 Agenda
through education for sustainable development"

This Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership is rooted on the need to
exchange good practices as regards the so-called “2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development”, adopted by all United
Nations Member States, in 2015, providing a shared blueprint for
peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into
the future, rooted on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as
an urgent call for action, in a global partnership...learn more
Ten for Sustainability...ten pillars for sustainability

Region Le Marche, central Italy, Italy

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Project: "Boosting lifelong learning
awareness of the European Green Deal"

The project aims at empowering partner organizations as
regards the delivering of the EU Green Deal:
- to develop competences to favor the alignment of their
operations and strategies to the delivery of the EU Green Deal; -
- to raise the awareness of the recipients of learning provisions
as regards the potential to transform our societies and
our economy through the EU Green Deal.....learn more