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On-going training news:
"Transformative learning through the prism of sustainability"
A delegation made-up of six staff members from wihtin the
Romanian not-for-profit organization Centrul pentru Politici Durabile
Ecopolis (, took part from April 23rd to April 30
th 2022, in Ascoli Piceno to the Structured training course "Climate
Change from Science to Society: essentials and methods for
transformative learning through the prism of sustainability". The
training was part of the Eramsu+ Learning Mobility of Individuals in
the field of adult education titled "Transformative learning through
the prism of sustainability", aiming to support the personal and
professional development of ECOPOLIS' staff in order to innovate
and improve the quality of training, namely throuigh the use of
innovative methodologies developed and implemented as a
consequence of global efforts to address climate change issues
and global sustainability.
The project, started on the 1st of August 2019 and ending on the
31st of July 2022 aims at increasing the skills and competencies of
Ecopolis' staff in connection to its provisions in the field of adult
education and lifelong learning in order to support participants in
improving their personal and professional development, along with
their involvement as active citizens in society, especially to promote
sustainability and help tackle the challenges posed by the reality of
climate change. The training course has been an occasion to gain
knowledge in relation to the state of the art in terms of scientific
discoveries, threats and opportunities for society on a global and
local scale, international conventions, protocols, panels and local
actions, as developed in the last decades to mitigate the
environmental, social and economic imapcts of warming climate
as well as to adapt to them.
Ecopolis has selected Ten For Sustainability as the hosting partner
organization to achieve the project's objectives also in connection
to the possible synergies and transitions between formal, non-formal
education, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship:
in this perspective, climate change and sustainable development,
in fact, are a very relevant area, as in recent decades, originating
both globally and locally interconnected processes involving
scientific research, employment and entrepreneurship with the birth
of new technologies and professions and the complete rethinking
of habits and paradigms of production and consumption and Ten
For Sustainability has a very relevant experience in this field .